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Mini Bus

A minibus is, as its name implies, a smaller version of a large, luxurious bus that has a few more seats than a minivan. The idea behind this is to give passengers the option of taking a smaller bus if they don’t require one but still want the same level of comfort and facilities that larger buses can provide.

A minibus has a seating capacity that ranges from 15 to 25 depending on its size. Minibuses with front engines and entrances are the best choice for smaller groups that want to travel together but don’t want to spend more money. Expocity provides a larger selection of these buses to choose from to meet your needs and get you where you’re going.


Tempo Traveller

It might be difficult to travel with a group on your own in a major city. If you’re taking a vehicle or public transportation, there is a lot of traffic and little room for you to spread out. Traveling appears to be nothing less than an unpleasant activity in such circumstances. What might be an exciting adventure becomes a hassle! But what if we told you that there is a method you may ease your city group trip and in fact, enjoy it with greatest comfort and luxury?

How is it even possible, you ask?

It’s easy. Use tempo traveller rentals instead.


If you had to physically travel to the state transportation office or the local bus depot to make your ticket purchases, purchasing bus tickets could be quite a pain. One is forced to schedule a bus online due to the lengthy lines and increased exposure risk during pandemics. Come to Expocity, where buying bus tickets is a cinch. Expocity’s extensive database of bus routes offers some of the greatest state-owned and commercial operators on the market. You may pick from a variety of fleets, compare prices, and view their schedules before completing your online bus ticket purchase.