Corporate Conferences

We plan corporate conferences that are unique in every way. At Expocity Travels, we have the knowledge and expertise to organise events for business conferences. We offer specialised solutions for each conference component while routinely analysing and tracking progress. From pre-conference preparation to post-conference managements, we have a team of highly qualified internal professionals to handle all part of conference planning.

Every corporate need may be met by Expocity Travels’s tested solutions, so clients can relax knowing that professionals are taking care of their business conferences. We provide our clients with the most exceptional service and the best venue selections available. We have the capacity to host everything from closely regulated professional conferences to sizable conventions. As required by the client, we can offer the setting and the level of care.

We are enthusiastic about our job as experienced conference organisers and provide exceptional services.

Our Specialisation

Every step of the way, from concept to pre-planning, booking to logistics, souvenirs to post-departure plans, you’ll notice the expertise and high calibre of our individualised services.


Throughout the whole conference planning process, you will only ever speak to one individual; dealing with many agents is never necessary. Our operations staff will work as an extension of your team and guide you step-by-step from concept to conference success since they are very process-oriented.

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